It’s Time

Less than a week has passed since the release of the last work of creators from Relax Gaming on the topic of boxing, as the company pleased its fans with a new slot It’s Time, which is also based on the ring topic, but now in mixed martial arts.

The names of both slots came from the phrases of showmen, Buffer half-brothers, starting the fight. The games themselves are very alike, both in the storyline and in the mechanics features.

Cartoon fighters will go on it seriously to help players to win money in Octagon.

Slot system, symbols

40 pay lines can be formed on a 6×4 playing field. The game involves low-valued symbols in the form of card images from the 10 to the ace, as well as four more expensive symbols with images of fighters of different physique, with different colour range.

The symbol of Bruce Buffer, which under certain circumstances, will not only form winning combinations, but also help to activate the bonus round, complements the set of the most high-valued symbols.

There is no typical wild in the game, but all high-valued symbols can become wilds, when you activate bonus features.

Bonus features

The main and only bonus feature of regular rounds is called Hot Spot Feature.

Discharges of electricity, bordering the middle fields of 3 and 4 reels, will mark the area in the form of a 2×2 square. If 4 necessary symbols land in it, they will become «sticky» wilds, and will start a respin, during which all high-valued symbols of the game will become wilds.

This feature has a key effect on the game balance, as a large number of wilds with 40 paylines implies a lot of potential combinations.

Free spins round

To receive Fighter Bonus round, 2 of the 4 fighters must land on the side reels at the same time.

You’ll be rewarded with 5 free spins and the main character of the round will be a fighter, whose image helped to activate the bonus on the 1th reel.

The developers strived and provided the bonus round with 4 additional bonus features:

  • Energy Drink Upgrade
  • Slam Dunk Diagonal
  • Left Hook
  • Right Hook

The first one adds a one to the total multiplier. The second will turn 4 cells, running diagonally from the landed symbol, into the desired symbol. The last two are similar to each other, and turn their cell, as well as 1-2 adjacent into the symbol of a suitable fighter. With the difference that one feature works to the left of a landed symbol and the second to the right.

Finally, each symbol of the main character of the round will be fixed on the playing field until the collision with another fighter as a result of activation of one of the bonus features.

Thematic bonus

In addition to the mentioned there is another bonus round — Buffer Bonus. When the symbols of Bruce Buffer will fill 2 side reels, you’ll have an opportunity to play it.

The process involves only the symbols of the Buffer. The starting 3 spins are resumed when a new symbol with the image of Bruce lands on the field. All symbols remain on the field until the end of the round. The full set of features from the free spins bonus round is saved for the game.

The result can be a full screen with the image of the showman. The round ends if a new Buffer symbol doesn’t land on the playing field for 3 consecutive spins.

Provider’s fee

Relax Gaming company has a fairly modest claim to its fee in It’s Time. The provider will have only 3,26% from each bet, the rest will return in the game.

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