Scarab Riches

The theme of Scarab Riches slotis based on an attempt to get the treasures of the scarab beetle, which is one of the symbols of prosperity in Ancient Egypt. The slot creators used all the traditional images for this time and area, that come to mind first at the mention of the country of pyramids.

This theme is banal and you can make such a slot interesting only with the help of unique design and exclusive mechanics.

Slot system, symbols

In terms of the field format (5x3) and the number of paid combinations (25), the creators haven't reinvented the wheel.

There is nothing special in symbols either. Along with low-valued card symbols (from the 10 to the ace), there are also images of Anubis, Horus and Bastet, Nefertiti's proud profile, and the scarab beetle which is a wild. Pyramids, essential for the ancient Egyptian theme, became scatters.

Bonus features

Wild Scarabs feature is the only unusual thing the creators managed to think up. Its meaning is that the wild-scarab crawls out of the illuminated portal and begins to multiply throughout the playing field. Wilds can occupy up to 12 of the 15 cells of the playing field, which bodes a serious amount of winnings.

The creators didn't have enough creativity for more and the function remained the only one.

Free spins round

The number of scatters (from 3 to 5) will not affect the bonus round, and users will have the standard 10 free spins.

In the bonus round players will have to count on the same feature as in the regular rounds, but occurring much more often.

There are no multipliers or other benefits in the bonus round.

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